Friday, February 22, 2008

End of Week Thoughts

Over at Sarah Dessen's blog, she ends every week with what she calls the "Friday Five." Five things she's thinking about at the end of her week. It's such a great idea and five is the perfect number and I would love to steal it except that would be so uncool. Maybe I can borrow it every once in a while? Or maybe I wouldn't use all five, maybe just three...three is a good number too. Not as good as five but still good.

Anyway, my friday three then are:

1. I'm still shocked that Colton Berry was kicked off Idol last night. (Leif) Garrett and Amy, yes, definitely, they were on my list and much as I love Joanne, I kind of knew she didn't perform that well on Wednesday so none of those were surprises but Colton? After all the praise he's gotten from the judges? Shocker! And then to hear Simon trash the boy's hopes for a future in music...ouch! We just have to remember back to what Simon told him when he was chosen over Kyle: he was in a huge disagreement with Paula and Randy. Maybe he was thinking if he had his way, Kyle would have been there and competing. Oh well, on to next week!

2. How awesome was LOST last night? I have to say one thing: I KNEW IT WAS AARON! I just knew it. When Kate told Sawyer she wasn't pregnant, we knew her "son" in the flash forward couldn't be his. Then when Jack refused to visit the kid, we knew it wasn't his (no way on earth would Jack not be a good dad). Then, just as we were walking into the bedroom, I thought, "What if it's Aaron? What if something happened to Claire?" And bam! Blond hair, little bit older than a baby...ha! Now, question: does this mean Aaron is the 6th of the Oceanic 6? So many more questions were brought up in this episode, like why does Miles think Ben can get so much money when he's stuck on an island? And why such an odd number? And why haven't Desmond and Sayid reached the ship yet?

3. I have to admit I still have not seen the nominees for the Oscar this year, except "No Country for Old Men," which I thought was superb. I will probably watch the show but not too closely. I really don't feel like I care that much this year and that makes it a lot less fun to watch.