Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Round of Boys on Idol

Does this contest need to continue? Seriously? I think after two weeks, it should be pretty much evident to everyone that David Archuleta is the clear winner among the boys. I'll reserve judgment when we go co-ed and we can see him go up against Carly and the girls but if I were one of the boys last night, I would be planning my flight home.

Personally, I love Jason Castro and can see him having a career a la John Mayer, although maybe a little quirkier. I also think Chikezie did a great job - full of energy, great voice - and I'm not sure why the judges aren't more supportive of him. Maybe he doesn't fit their image of a pop star but honestly? Has anyone who's ever won looked like a pop idol? Each one had to be molded slightly - and then each one sort of did his/her own thing anyway!

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening except for those darn interviews! The only guy who came off looking cool was Robbie. He looked like a total rocker in that drag racing car and then when he sang, he might as well have been saying to us, "I only look like I'm a rocker. Really, I'm a boy band singer."

In the bottom 3 on Thursday? Hmmmm...Luke, Jason Y, and Michael (I'm a fan but that perf last night was a bit...let's say it, pitchy, dawg.).