Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

First of all, I have to send a HUUUUUUGE happy birthday wish to Head Honcho, who is indeed a Leap Year baby! In all the time I have known him, we have only celebrated his actual birthday a handful of times. And this one is (shhhh...) a biggie.

Second of all, I want to remind you all that this is the LAST day to enter the February contest to win a signed galley of my new book, ALL ABOUT VEE. This book won't be out until April so here's your chance to get a jump on all your friends!

Thirdly (is that a word?), I was sooo disappointed America voted Alexandrea off Idol last night. I thought she was a true original. However, she is young and she has plenty of years ahead of her for success.

Fourthly (definitely NOT a word), LOST was so effin' amazing last night, I could barely sit still in my chair. I kept getting up and pointing at the television. I mean, I love Desmond stories and I think Des/Penny is a beautiful love story so this was just amazing for me. All the time travel stuff and how it relates back to Faraday on the island...fascinating! I was totally confused - the producers were on the money when they said the first 8 episodes of this season would bring more questions than answers but HH insists he knows what's going on. I was too tired to ask him for specifics, though, because we....

Lastly, played the LOST videogame! Whoo-hoo! An early b-day present for HH. He plays and I watch cuz I am miserable when it comes to working the XBox controller. So far, it's very cool and you get to interact with the real characters. It definitely helps to know the backstory of the show because there are certain things you have to do that you might not know if you weren't a fan. But no need to be a psycho fan to play the game.

Man, do I need a is this possible when I feel like I haven't done anything???