Monday, February 11, 2008

First Vee Review!

Imagine my surprise when I found this lovely review of my new book, ALL ABOUT VEE, which will be in bookstores in April:


Vee is hard to like at first. She is a typical teen in that her world revolves around her. Her dad raised her after her mom died. Her dad didn’t want to talk about her mom and used food as a substitute. That becomes a theme in Vee’s life. When things don’t go well or she is sad or any other emotion, Vee eats. When her dad decides to marry his long time fiancée, Vee feels like she is being replaced. May, the fiancée really loves Vee and her dad but Vee is too wrapped up in herself to see it. So Vee decides to go to California to be an actress, the one thing she is passionate about. One of her friends went out there before graduation so Vee moves in with her to learn the ropes of Hollywood. Vee gets more of an education than she bargained for and is forced to finally grow up.

This book made me a little uncomfortable, mostly because it made me remember how selfish I was as a teen. Ms. Purtill is able to evoke all the uncertainty and awkwardness that comes with growing up. Vee grows up over the course of this book and at the same time, she grew on me. She learns about true friendship, strength, self worth, and love. There were some sexual references in this book so I would recommend this for older teens. I expect to see more good stories from this author.

Thanks, Leslee! I appreciate hearing that the book made the reviewer a little uncomfortable because then I know I've touched them in some way - for good or bad. If I have to win over my audience one reader at a time, then I'll do it!

Leslee, btw, gave me 3 hearts which the website categorizes as a "great read."