Thursday, February 21, 2008

AI Girls: Who's Going Home?

Let's just say right at the outset: what was Simon's deal? He kept saying he "didn't get it." He didn't get what? The performance? The love from the audience?

And what was up with the song choices? I know none of these girls were even born during the time period these songs were popular but didn't anyone tell them how they were supposed to be performed, who performed them to begin with...did they not get them on iTunes and hear them?

Overall I would have to agree with Simon on most of the ladies' performances: they were uneven at best. A few definitely stood out, namely Amanda, Carly, Asia'h, Syesha, and Ramiele. The others were forgettable which is exactly what you don't want to be.

I felt bad for Kristy Lee Cook who sold her horse to audition. I really don't think she will be getting her horse back anytime soon. I think she's on a shortlist tonight. Amy Davis also had a bad night; pretty as she is, I don't think her voice is terribly strong. I think Kady Malloy and Joanna Borgella are about evenly matched in terms of strength and range and one of them will likely be in the bottom three tonight.

The top 5, if we're thinking that far ahead, might include Carly, David A, Amanda, Colton, and Syesha. It might. Who knows what the future will hold and what songs they will have to sing?