Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Girls' Turn, Turn, Turn

So the phrase of the evening was, "Wrong song choice."

Did every one of the female Idol contestants get it wrong? All except Brooke White, whom HH adores but who I think is just okay. She's another one who sort of hides behind the guitar. It's really hard to choose the best or the worst from last night. Although I thought Carly sounded terrific, vocally, the judges were right: Heart was not the right song for her. And Amanda? Oh my dear...I LOVE her but what was that outfit and that hair and that song? Kansas? Seriously?

Just have to say this one thing: with all of the wonderful female singers from the 70s, why did so many of the girls last night pick songs written for men? I wish someone had told Carly and Amanda about Grace Slick. I know they are both too young to know her, but come on, their voices would have been perfect for her songs!

Big sigh here...I think Kristy Lee was better than last week. I disagreed with Simon about Kady who looked cute and very 70s with her Farrah Fawcett 'do. I wanted Ramiele and Asia'h to do better than they did - the former underestimated her voice and the latter overestimated hers.

I really, gosh, have no idea what will happen tonight. Maybe it really is a boy's year - well, one boy. Let's say it: it's David Archulea's year. Let's cut to the chase and give it to him.