Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fallen Idol

Ya know, I'm not sure how I feel about this new cast of Idol. Of the 3 faves I listed yesterday, only 2 made it through to the final 24. And the one who didn't was SUCH a disappointment: Josiah, the young kid who lives in his car. You want to tell me that Colton, the final blond boy-band singer, was better than this very original singer-songwriter? No offense to Colton who seems fine enough and nice and sweet but seriously, Josiah has a very remarkable musical gift and it's a shame to see him thrown back into the masses. (HH senses bad things befalling this sensitive young man with no visible support system if he stays in Hollywood.) Maybe his hubris in dismissing the band during his audition was the thing that kept him out.

But couldn't his unique voice and talent for arrangement been recognized and encouraged, as Simon did with Kyle - another truly unusual individual who did not make the cut? Much as it's nice to hear Paula tell you how wonderful and daring you are, it's Simon's voice that counts the most.

Now, I know the odds of anyone making it are so very slim and someone HAS to be cut - each and every week, that will continue to happen. After all, there were 70,000 auditioners and we are now down to a scant two dozen. The people who came this far, including Josiah and Kyle, should be immensely proud of themselves. And I would hate to be in the judges' shoes, trying to winnow the field to a small handful of very talented singers. Honestly, all the people who were cut last night could have made it to the final 24 in any other less-talent-filled year, don't you think?

Josiah was HH's favorite and he declared the show off-limits if the guy didn't make it through so I don't know if I'll be watching faithfully this season. Maybe a little here and there to see the Aussie and the Rocker Nurse and to cheer on the plus-size model with the plus-size voice.

Your Hollywood connection,