Wednesday, December 5, 2007

America Chooses Wisely

Last night on the season finale of BATG, America voted Dave and Jasmine the winners! Yay! Ya know, most of the time on shows like Idol America always picks the wrong people, IMNSHO. But this time, they got it right. The super couple, the couple who epitomized the social experiment of the show, were the big winners.

And how awful was it that they had to wait 4 months to find out? Most reality show participants know the outcome of their shows long before the country does because they are shot so far in advance but in this case, they had to wait along with us.

Not too many revelations in the show. It was nice that Will apologized to his castmates for being the loudmouth center of attention all the time; he seemed sincerely sorry. On the other hand, William's proclamation that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover was way too little, way too late. His partner - who will be taking her Realtors exam - go Jen! - missed out on a fine opportunity to grow and that was his fault.

Does anyone else besides me think Rebecca and Sam are not gonna continue their relationship? Not for nothing, but Sam looked almost shocked that Rebecca was even there! He has probably gotten a new girlfriend or 2 in the time they were apart. Rebecca (fabulous in dark hair) looked like she would hook up with him again in a heartbeat. Poor thing.

I do hope Sam and Natalie go to college like they said they would and that Natalie studies anthropology (a subject very near and dear to my heart). That would be the ultimate win.

So another season done...I would love it if they could start up a new season while the writer's strike is on but who am I kidding? It takes a while to get it going plus there are writers on that show too!

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Your Hollywood connection,