Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Don't Need Another Hero

But we're gonna get one anyway. [SPOILER ALERT] I thought for sure the Latina with the black eyes and killer power was gonna bite the dust on Heroes last night. After all, getting shot in the chest usually means death.

Not on this show! People die and return to life with remarkable frequency. I actually don't have a problem with that. It's all part of the comic world that I love. In fact, I liked just about everything in this episode with the exception of one or 2 things:

1 - yep, you guessed it: the inaccurate promo! All week we kept hearing two heroes will fall. Now, it wasn't the Latina with the black eyes and killer power and dead twin since she came back to life. Does Adam buried alive in a coffin deep underground count? (Way to go, Hiro! Way to save the villain so he will be even more po'ed when he does get out - very comic book!) Okay, I guess I'll give 'em that one. "Fall" doesn't have to mean death. So who is the second one? Nikki? She was in the burning building when it exploded but we didn't see her die which doesn't necessarily mean she's dead (although Ali Larter has been doing more movies so she's probably out of there plus there was the whole blood thing that she needed to be saved from the virus so it's just as well she's gone). So once again, the show doesn't live up to the promo hype.

2 - the cruddy comic book expository dialogue: Peter knocks Hiro out in the Primatech warehouse and when Adam is released from the time stoppage, Peter tells him Hiro froze time, etc. It's nitpicky, I know, but when you're dealing with a show like this, not one frame of film should be wasted and that was wasted film. You don't tell a character what just happened when a) WE know what happened b) Hiro told Peter that Adam knows all about him and c) Adam ain't stupid. Things like that bug me when this show is otherwise fantastic.

Question: did the show's producers anticipate the strike and coincide the "finale" with the last episode? Did they skip stuff they were gonna show us in favor of ending the season neatly? They had a mini-ending last season too (I think) which makes me think no, this was strictly a coincidence and they never intended to air anymore shows this year.

Tonight: season finale of BATG! Yay!! Go Dave and Jasmine!

Your Hollywood connection,