Sunday, December 30, 2007

Project 2 Status: Complete!

Another very awesome pair of leg warmers is finished, but this time I'll be giving them away to a friend. But before I do that, I will post a photo on the blog. These took me slightly longer to finish so I might not be as inclined to make many more pairs but if someone really wanted them, then yes I would do them. Again, price of yarn and shipping will determine the price. I will try to get my Ninja Webmaster to put the pictures up asap.

I also started a very cool little knit cap which should be finished momentarily. Here in LA we actually do wear hats but not usually in wool. It's more likely to be in cotton or a nylon blend. But it gets cold enough for them, that's for sure!

As for my other projects...let me tell you, the knitting ones are going a lot faster and seem to be more satisfying sometimes. I hope to be able to take a breather soon for a couple of weeks and then plunge back in. (I'm still being cryptic, aren't I? Perhaps my new year's resolution should be to stop worrying about jinxes...)

Should we call them New Year's Revolutions instead?

Your Hollywood connection putting her nose to the grindstone,