Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Die Hard is a Christmas Movie?

It sure is! Just ask my Ninja Webmaster who insists that the explosion extravaganza is one heck of a happy holiday film. Not the kind you'd sit down with your young 'uns and watch with a cup of egg nog (maybe if it was spiked) and I suppose he's right. It begins with our hero in town to visit his estranged wife and family for the holidays and he ends up saving a building full of people from Euroterrorists hellbent on...what was it they wanted again? Money? Weapons? Does it really matter when Bruce Willis is on the case?

A perfect holiday film.

Other movies I like to watch during the Christmas season:

"It's a Wonderful Life" (of course) - HH and I will watch on the eve after a delicious meal of sushi, which is our favorite holiday tradition

"A Christmas Story" (at least twice) - already seen once while we addressed cards

"Christmas Vacation" - anytime is the right time for this classic Chevy Chase flick (back when he was actually funny) - who doesn't laugh hysterically when he flips out in front of the family after he gets a fruit basket instead of a Christmas bonus?

"Scrooged" - don't own this but wish I did - Bill Murray is a riot as a modern day Scrooge working in, of all things, television! Carol Kane is fab as the wacky Ghost of Christmas Past

I prefer my holiday movies to be funny (except for "Life" which is a sentimental fave) instead of sappy. Sappy movies just make me wish I was back on the east coast with my family...oh now, stop. I don't want to be sad that I'm not there this year! It's snowing and icy and all sorts of yuckiness and travel is horrible this time of year!

There, that's better.

Your Hollywood connection staying in Hollywood,