Monday, December 17, 2007

Congratulations Yooli and Billy!

Today I just want to say congrats and best wishes to my friend Yooli Pak who married Billy Ryoo on Saturday afternoon in a beautiful ceremony in LA. The church was splendidly decorated for the holiday season, with red velvet ribbons everywhere and wreaths hanging from the ceiling. And she was gorgeous in her cream taffeta dress!

Yooli had told me that she thought her wedding and reception would best resemble the episode from Gilmore Girls when Lane Kim got married so I was really looking forward to that, with people rushing to get in the buffet line before the couple had made it down to the reception. And I was not disappointed! We waited to greet our friends and to get a picture taken with them but fully half the guests (a staggering 400+) were already downstairs eating. Many of them left without seeing Yooli and Billy!

By the time they got to the very intriguing and funny and beautiful formal ceremony in which the traditionally dressed couple attempts to catch dates in the bride's apron (a fertility symbol), pretty much everyone except HH and our friend Patricia and the family members were gone. How sad that the rest of the guests missed this! It was amazing and beautiful - and did I mention funny? My friend (just like Lane Kim) had to be helped up and down in her very heavy and uncomfortable traditional dress.

The lesson? Television has much to teach us if we are only willing to learn.

Your Hollywood connection finding the silver lining everywhere,