Friday, December 28, 2007

Project 1 Status: Complete!

The knitting project, that is; the writing projects are still going on and unfortunately, I have no idea if the first one is actually completed. In fact I know it's not because even if it's accepted by certain persons, it will still need more work and if it's not accepted by certain persons, then it definitely needs more work.

And if it seems like I'm being cryptic about my new story, then yes, you got it exactly right. I am one of those people who thinks discussion about a good thing will jinx it.

And why wouldn't talk about a bad thing not jinx that? I have no idea how the universe works.

So the first knitting project was a pair of bright white, super soft leg warmers. They turned out to be fantastic and way easier than I thought. I have already worn them twice and gotten many compliments and an offer to purchase a pair. Someone actually wants to pay me to make them a pair! Which gave me an idea...

I will soon post a photo of me wearing the leg warmers on the blog and if anyone would like a pair, I will be happy to make them and to negotiate a price based on the cost of the yarn (one skein is all it takes) and where it needs to be shipped. If you give me a color range, I will pick the yarn since it needs to be a particular type in order to knit up fast but there are many, many colors available. I will also post a link to the pattern if people want to make them on their own.

Sounds fair, yes?

Your Hollywood connection,