Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Celeb!

If you thought I was taking a break from my job as your Hollywood connection, you are sadly mistaken. I am always on the lookout for you because I know you are counting on me. If there are celebrities around, they need to be noticed. And let's face it, they want to be noticed. That's why they became celebrities.

I have to admit I don't have a heck of a lot of sympathy for celebs who pretend to be shocked by the attention they get, the paparazzi who surround them, and so on (not that that is any excuse for invading a person's privacy or for putting a person or his family in danger) when the very actions they do...Britney and Jamie Lynn, I''m looking right at you...make them a magnet for photographers.

It's similar to American Idol. In the first season, people had no idea what they were up against with those 3 judges and so, if they were teary or upset or angry with the reactions they got, fine, I'll give it to them. But now, after six seasons? Come on, people. You know what you're getting into here. This is American Idol, not American Bandstand.

So as much as I respect celebrities and want them to be able to lead normal lives, I'm just saying I think certain celebs (Lindsay? Paris? Are you listening?) deliberately draw attention to themselves and then seem totally disingenuous when they are ambushed by photographers.

That being said, get yourself over to my website and check out the newest celeb sighting listing. Ninja Webmaster should be getting that up soon if it's not there already. (A hint: he has helped people make their homes better - extremely. And no it's not Ty.)

Your Hollywood connection never taking a day off,