Monday, December 10, 2007

No More Drama-mas

Too little, too late, I discovered Wikipedia has an entry titled, “List of Christmas Specials” and it includes a ton of dramas and sitcoms, both American and British, as well as celebrity hosted specials, children’s specials, and special movies. Why did I not know this, considering my love of all things Wiki-related?

I’d like to say my work here is done but sadly, none of the dramas listed were ones I watched or even liked much, except for Little House (I LOVED the Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a girl!!), so I had to do my own research. Which led me to a whole bunch of websites devoted to 80s television shows - both dramas and comedies - which, in turn, led me to become all nostalgic about shows I used to rush home to watch including 21 Jump Street (omg, a very young Johnny Depp!), Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (can you say “Ferris Bueller” rip-off?) and the Dallas-Dynasty-Falcon Crest triumvirate.

Oh yes, 80s cheese. It was fat-filled and creamy and very, very bad for you. I feel my arteries clogging just thinking about all those shoulder pads and big hair. I was a lot taller with that hair.

Love it!!

And as a great 80s song goes, "I have too much time on my hands..." except I don't. Not really. I am desperate to finish writing the draft of this book before the end of the year so I can finally move on and read some of those books on my list. All writing and no reading makes Leigh...something, something...

(Simpsons reference there...everyone catch that? Good.)

Today's research: chocolate candies.

Your Hollywood connection,