Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Claus Came to WeHo!

Ho Ho Ho!

Santa must have thought Head Honcho and I were good this year because he brought us the best gift ever: a renewal of our Netflix subscription! With the WGA strike still going on and no end in sight, this is truly a wonderful gift.

We used our subscription so much last year, I was afraid they would try to curb our rentals. Many people claim they slow down your delivery when they see you're renting too many DVDs...check out some opinions here. Honestly, tho, I doubt we rented that many. And I have to admit they were good to us: they sent a replacement DVD for The Wire right away even tho we already had 3 DVDs out.

Altho it's sad that the year is nearly over, you know what's great about it being December 26 already? It's one day closer to Lost being back on the air.

Your Hollywood connection,