Friday, December 7, 2007

Local Talk

Around here (LA, that is, not the blogoshphere ((btw, I hate that word)), talk revolves around the WGA strike. Now, this is not talk among professionals or even wannabe professionals. These are regular folk - young, old, in and out of the business - and it makes me wonder if this is the talk across the country. Or do we talk about it here because we see the picket lines, we know people on the picket lines, we are affected by the picket lines? In other words, when Detroit autoworkers strike, is the talk the same in Detroit as it is in Des Moines or Denver?

My family on the other side of the country also talks about the strike - with me, so that's not a completely realistic picture. And when they do ask, it's mostly about the individual shows as opposed to the deal the writers are trying to make because the way it affects them is what they see on their television,:

Do we have to step up our Netflix?

Will Men in Trees be affected?

Will you be home for Christmas?

(Yes, no, and uh, that has nothing to do with the strike. I've already been home twice this year and it's kind of late to even think about getting a ticket and geez, why are you asking me this now?)

I'm very curious about the local talk in the rest of the country. I think we are unusual here in LA, but I could be entirely wrong.

Your Hollywood connection,