Monday, December 3, 2007

A Tornado Takes Down Fairview

One of the things I hate most about promos (those little trailers the networks use to tease you into watching their shows during the week) is that they aren't always truthful. I have been seeing the Desperate Housewives promos with Lynette screaming right after the VO guy says lives will be lost - which infers that one of Lynette's kids or husband will die - and was anxious to see the episode (last one until the strike ends!).

Spoiler alert! In case you have DH on your Tivo and haven't watched yet...

We knew - as soon as Victor showed up with a gun - that he was the one to go. It couldn't be Carlos or Tom and it shouldn't be Orson and Susan was in the hospital w/her husband (oh and how soap opera-ish would it have been to have her lose the baby because she fell down the stairs? So glad they didn't do that!) so who could it be? The only expendable one, of course! And there was no way that the mayor of a town w/political aspirations was gonna be caught trying to kill someone else long Victor!

Hopefully that actor, whom I loved in the short-lived Jack and Bobby, will go on to better, more permanent things.

As for Lynette's scream? Her entire house was torn up by the tornado. Okay, that's cool but um, in the first season, Edie lost her house and had to stay w/that old lady. Now, are Lynette and her family gonna do the same? Sheesh, talk about jumping the shark.

Today's research: donut-making.

Your Hollywood connection,