Friday, December 14, 2007

Reality Wrapup

Sadly, my three favorite reality shows are off the air as of Wednesday night. BATG left last week and this week Kid Nation and Kitchen Nightmares both ended. Although why does Ramsay’s show ever have to end? Couldn’t he be doing this indefinitely? There are how many restaurants in the country? Thousands! He doesn’t need to do that other Hell’s Kitchen show anyway - or run his 4 star restaurants…j/k!

So how about those $50,000 gold stars on Kid Nation? Wow! I definitely agreed with the choice of Sophia and Morgan getting the stars, even though they already received stars earlier. Those 2 girls were the backbone of the town, both morally and emotionally. They kept the kids on track and out of trouble. I was so thrilled for Sophia when she made the right decisions during her week as sheriff - she kept the town in order and kept the kids happy with the choice of a balloon ride. I will miss this show. I will miss those kids. I really hope CBS gives some follow-up info on them all. I would love to know how and what they’re doing, if this gave any of them the incentive or support to try new things at school, to be a leader or speak up in class, or if they’re more tolerant of their younger brothers and sisters and parents.

As for Ramsay’s season ender, wow! What an ego on that French chef! He and Gordon butted heads from the moment Gordon walked in. In fact, for 59 of the 60 minutes, I was convinced Ramsay had a dud on his hands, that this was one place he simply could not work his magic. Finally, for that guy’s sake, he listened - only when he saw the money coming in and heard all the compliments on the new menu. Stubborn mule. Still, I would check out that restaurant, even though I’m not a big fan of French cooking. The new menu with its lighter salads and that yummy looking asparagus tart could win me - and Miss California - over.

So that’s that. I think all of my shows are officially finished for the season. We saw the final Journeyman on Monday, the final reality stuff, the last DH, etc. I think Simpsons is still new since that is done so far in advance. I guess we have a few shows to look forward to trying: Medium and Lost if they come back, the Terminator show on FOX looks interesting, and Idol, of course. HH can’t wait for American Gladiators but I think I will sit that one out. I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

PLUS: A very happy WHOO-HOO!! for Nikki Blonsky' nomination for a Golden Globe for "Hairspray'! That was one of my fave movies this year.

Your Hollywood connection,