Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Thing People Don’t Know About Me

I am a knitter. I knit. I am not a good knitter. I can only knit baby blankets and afghans and scarves. I knit a purse once which I thought was kind of cute and I did a whole bunch of baby caps as part of the Save the Children’s “Caps to the Capital” project last year. But I don’t know how to cable. Circular needles scare me. And I still don’t hold the yarn in my hand properly.

Still, there is something extremely satisfying when you finish a project that is useful.

Knitting is the complete opposite of writing a book. When I finish a book, it sits on my computer until I buy the toner and paper to print it out. Then I have to give it to people to read and critique. Then I have to rewrite it a zillion times. And then I have to cross my fingers that someone will buy it and make it into an actual book that other people can read.

When I finish a scarf - or a blanket or (hopefully soon) a pair of leg warmers - it’s a done deal. I can give that item to a friend or relative or I can wear it myself. No one needs to do anything to it in order to use it. No one has to pray that many other people will okay it before it can be worn.
It just is.

And that “is” is very cool. That “is” is a wonderful moment. I love that “is.”

I know I won’t ever be a great knitter. Not like my mom or my friends whose knitting skills are highly refined. I will probably always be clumsy and more likely than not knit when I should purl and leave big gaping holes that have to be sewn up or ripped out. But that’s okay. It’s still a lot easier than writing a book.

Your Hollywood connection,