Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ah there nothing it can't do?

Finally, Kristy Lee Cook's Idol journey is over. We - and she - have waited week after week and somehow she kept squeaking by, making it through to the next round on sheer charm and cute outfits. But even she knew it had to end at some point.

I gotta hand it to her: she acted like a true pro last night when told she was leaving the show. Sure there were a couple of tears shed but nothing drastic or melodramatic, a la Brooke White, who seems to have replaced Ramiele in the waterworks department. Kristy Lee graciously took the stage, singing to the judges (and especially Simon) with no sadness or bitterness in her voice. HH thinks her few tears were ones of relief and I have to agree. But she will have a solid career in country music if she wants one.

I have to laugh because when I was writing this blog yesterday, I accidentally wrote that I thought the bottom 3 would be Brooke, Kristy Lee and Syesha. I posted it and then re-read it and saw I had written Syesha where I meant to write Carly so I went back and edited it. Lo and behold, who were the actual 3? I should have gone with my apparent instinct.

On another note, I have discovered Hell's Kitchen, the Top Chef-like show on FOX that Gordon Ramsay hosts. OMG! I luuuurve this show! It's no Kitchen Nightmares, which is still my fave, but it'll do for the time being. Can I say how happy I was Jason the misogynist left on Tuesday night? This show is the true definition of "guilty pleasure." Just like a raspberry and chocolate fondant...