Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dolly Days

She's so cute, isn't she? Dolly Parton is indeed like a doll, like one of those Barbies that you can dress up and braid her hair and change her shoes. I used to love to change Barbie's shoes. She had such tiny feet for a grown woman.

The Idol contestants didn't do so badly last night, with my fave, David Cook, adding yet another song to his repertoire. If I were a music producer, I would definitely be looking at him and these songs for an album when he's finished with the tour. I literally close my eyes when he's on and pretend he's on the radio.

As expected, Kristy Lee and Brooke did very well but the latter kept smiling through her rendition of "Jolene," which really felt awkward with the lyrics about a woman begging another woman not to take her man. How do you smile through that?

I think Ramiele was probably the weakest although I have to say I didn't think Syesha should have tackled a song Whitney Houston made famous. There are inevitable comparisons - and no one can possibly live up to her. Christy was fine but I have to agree with Simon: she is not dressing the part of a star. She looked very pedestrian last night.

As for the boys, I still love Jason but he did "his thing" last night which made him just all right. He hasn't really tried anything to make himself stand out from the other 8. Michael Johns was, for the first time in a while, very good and very watchable. I didn't feel like he was trying to be anybody else but himself. And then there are the Davids, both of whom were outstanding.

Oh and David C - great new haircut! Totally worked for him. I hope he keeps it.

So who's going home? Bottom three could be Ramiele, Syesha and Jason, based purely on performance.