Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Genrefluent Likes VEE Too!

Last year, the website gave LOVE, MEG an amazing review so I was a little apprehensive about ALL ABOUT VEE. After all, could lightning strike twice and give me another great review?


I was so happy to read my book is one of this week’s 3 Teen Picks of the Week! And here is the review.

There are so many great teen books out there – I mean, a LOT – so getting your book in front of someone who reads and reviews and then posts about it is a big deal. That’s why it’s so heartening to get a good review somewhere (and painful to get a bad or mediocre one). You know that someone took the time to read your book when there are probably a million other things that person needed to do. Believe me, I have the best intentions when I buy or take books from the library – and yet I still have a massive stack to get through and I am constantly renewing my books.

So an extra special thanks to for the great review! Keep on reading!

And in case you forgot…ALL ABOUT VEE will be released TOMORROW!!