Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mariah Week

Talk about separating the wheat from the's not easy singing Mariah Carey's songs as the contestants on Idol are finding out. I had no idea she has a 5 octave range, until Ryan Seacrest pointed it out last night. No wonder it's nearly impossible to imitate her.

Easily the bottom three of the night are 3 of the girls: Brooke, Kristy Lee and Carly. And frankly I think Brooke is gonna go - if it's based on last night's perf only. Otherwise, Kristy Lee should leave, but I think she was surprisingly good enough to stay another week.

The boys, though, were outstanding! I was so happy for Jason and David C about the stupendous praise they garnered from Simon (although how funny was it that Simon didn't know what a luau was?). I loved David C's perf but I never know if the judges will agree with me; what do I know about singing, after all? It's nice to know they recognize and appreciate the original talent on the stage.

Could the final two be the two Davids? Who would have guessed? I suppose I owe David C an apology for the Hollywood week comments I made. I said he wasn't a real rocker but he knows what he's doing and has vastly improved from week to week. Even from last week when Simon thought he was being pretentious: this week he came back with a solid, humble showing.

Rock on, dude.