Wednesday, April 30, 2008

VEE Reviewed by TeenReads

Thanks to for giving me a really nice review of ALL ABOUT VEE!

Btw, doesn't the yellow in the girl's dress really make the cover stand out? I love it. I think I may want to get a dress like that for myself for signings and school visits but I'm not nearly as attractive as the model which, of course, is only right since she's a model and I'm a writer who sits in front of her computer all day.

Btw also, tonight is the Idol results show for Neil Diamond week and I just have to say how disappointing the perfs were overall last night. Even my very fave, David C, was not as butt-kicking as he usually is and all I have to say is, WHY NOT? The Neil Diamond canon is vast and expansive yet not one of the contestants seemed to pick the right song or to perform the ones they did pick with any sort of passion or energy. And I'm sorry to say but I think it's Brooke's time to leave: when HH is yelling at the TV because she's smiling through "I am, I Said" because once again she doesn't understand the lyrics, then you know it's time to gracefully exit.

More tomorrow when either Jason or Brooke leaves...