Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surveying the Television Landscape

First the reality roundup: HH and I are only watching 2 reality shows this season, Idol and Hell’s Kitchen but both are excellent – and we watch them for completely different reasons. We love Idol because the cast is terrific and extremely-talented and we actually do hope to hear David Cook on the radio someday (although we definitely will not be attending any of the “Up With People”-ish concerts they do). We love seeing the contestants do well and it pains us when they get bad marks from the judges.

On the other hand, the HK cast is dreadful! Each of them is less likable than the last. While we don’t wish ill upon any of them, like poor Vanessa with her burned hand from Tuesday night, we don’t care if they all get kicked off the show. In fact, this season’s cast is so cruel and vindictive that it might be better if Chef Ramsay does show them the door and instead asks one of his show chefs to run his new kitchen in LA. We like the girls group only slightly better than the boys simply because we hate them slightly less.

So…Idol…America gets it wrong…again! The bottom two were supposed to be Brooke and Jason – come on, people, everyone knew that! They are adorable but sang horribly on Tuesday. Instead America chose Carly and Syesha? Two of the best perfs of the night? Wrong, wrong, wrong. And then to kick of Carly??? Quadruple wrong. HH said he wanted to stop watching when they kicked off Chikezie but we kept with it, trusting that the voters would get the top 5 right. As everyone said last night, it was a popularity contest this week. The girls like Jason and they think Brooke is sweet; those are the only reasons those two stayed and they should be planning ways to thank all those supporters somehow.

On a non-reality note: LOST is back tonight and I could not be happier! We have been counting down the weeks (again!) until this show returns. I have no idea how many episodes are left for the season but we will take whatever we can get. That being said, I hope there are a LOT.