Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So what’s VEE all about anyway…?

ALL ABOUT VEE is the story of Veronica May, a plus-sized actress who moves from a tiny little border town in Arizona - where she knows everyone and everyone knows her – to the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles to seek her fame and fortune as a movie star.

Back home in Chester, Veronica, whom her friends Val and Ginny call “Big Vee,” is the go-to gal for the local theater. Since she was a wee Vee, she acted in pretty much every show, usually as its female lead because that’s just how good she was.

Life in Chester has been comfortable for Veronica, if not exciting: she still lives at home with her father; she has a part-time job at the local drugstore, and she hangs out with her friends, the other Vees. When the story begins, she has just completed a run of “Romeo and Juliet,” and the director of the local theater is about to announce the next show. Veronica has been counting on it being the Tennessee Williams play, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” but instead, the director says it will be “Glengarry Glen Ross,” a play with no female roles!

Distraught, Veronica finds out things are gonna get a lot worse: the drugstore is closing and she’s losing the one job she’s ever had and on top of that, Daddy and his longtime fiancée May Sanchez have finally set a date for their wedding. It seems like no one wants or needs Big Vee around anymore.

When Veronica finds a box full of letters from her deceased mother to her father, she discovers that she is in fact a legacy: her mother had moved to LA to be a star too! Big Vee decides that’s what she will do too.

In LA, Veronica finds it’s not so easy to be the star of the show, that people discriminate against her because of her weight, and that one of her former best friends has changed so much she’s barely recognizable. Will she find success and happiness and love in this strange new city? Or will she have to run back home and seek comfort in the arms of her father and good friends? That’s the million dollar question in ALL ABOUT VEE.

I hope you’ll read it and enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop me an email if you can or post a review on your blog or Amazon and send me the link!