Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am Not a Guitar Hero

Very recently I learned how to play “Guitar Hero.” Yeah, I know – finally, right? I mean, everyone and their dog know how to play this game.

It’s HARD!!!

OMG, I missed over half the notes on my first song. I would see the little colored blobs coming and I would put my finger on the right fret and get ready to strum and then…

…twang!! I would miss it. And then I would be staring down at my hands trying to figure out how I had missed the note - and I would miss another one – and another and another and another! It was very frustrating. I should probably mention that I totally blew the training sessions too. Those were utterly hilarious. And I was only playing the songs at the easy level and in practice mode so I wouldn’t get booed off the stage. That was HH’s idea; he must have sensed I would suck.

I figured my hands were too small since I was having a hard time getting my fingers on the right colors but then HH showed me some really young kids playing the expert level songs at top speed (see link below). Holy whammy bar, Batman! They were amazing. So I guess it’s not hand size at all, huh? Too bad. That was a good excuse for me.

After about 4 songs, I had enough in my first session. I don’t mind losing at all; I am definitely not a competitive game player in that regard. I would probably play it again but I don’t think I’ll ever get out of practice mode. I would hate to be booed by a virtual crowd.

Check out this 8 year old kid playing the expert level. He should probably go play outside in the fresh air more often.