Thursday, April 3, 2008

Discount Blogging

Let's get the Idol stuff out of the way: Ramiele was voted off last night during Dolly Days and while I'm sorry she didn't make it farther (and honestly, certain others should have been kicked off before she did), I don't think she's ready for what comes with stardom. She cries much too easily, gets thrown off her game, for someone who needs to be professional at all times. Not just in front of a mic but out in the real world, talking to people, doing things, and yes, even being criticized. Making a little sad face when someone gives you bad news is not how pros do things.

And now...okay, here's something. My book, LOVE, MEG, is at Amazon for like, six bucks. It's a whopping 62% off the regular price - and it's 2 dollars cheaper than the paperback which will be released in a week. So, while I don't completely understand the logic behind it (maybe they're trying to get rid of some stock and figure people looking for the book will buy it in hardcover first?), I say, if you ever wanted a copy of the book, NOW is the time to get it. Hey, if you order enough copies, you can even get the free shipping!