Friday, March 21, 2008

At least my Thursdays are free for a while...

Two dates now loom on my calendar for April: April 10th which you know is the release date fore ALL ABOUT VEE and LOVE, MEG in paperback, and now April 24th which is the date LOST returns.

I loved seeing the Michael story last night! There were some very important clues given to us by Mr. Friendly: the Island won't let people die and certain people can leave the Island and return (and of course, he's gay but I figured that out a while ago when he told Kate she wasn't his type). Now, why and how won't the Island let people die? It's obviously not strictly people who were born there because Michael crash landed on it. This could also give us a clue as to why Charlie is alive in the Hurley flash forward.

As for leaving the Island, Miles indicated Ben might have some other way of getting the money when he laughed at Sawyer's naivete about Ben being able to get the $3 million. Obviously there are ways on and off the Island and Ben knows how to use them. And this is indeed a war, as Ben pointed out to Michael in his flashback: Carl and Rousseau have bit the dust thanks to Ben sending them off on a wild goose chase.

Now, I was a little bit peeved by the fact that we were told several things we knew already: Michael was the operative on the boat and the footage of the crash was staged. We knew this! Why are we wasting film time telling other people these things? In soap operas, there is usually one day every 2 weeks where a character sits down over a cup of coffee and tells another charatcer everything that's been going on: it's a shortcut to catching up the audience who may have missed an episode or 2. But this is not a soap and the audience is watching every single minute. There is no way we need catching up. Please don't waste our time with this when there are so many other things we need to know.

That being said, I'm still excited about the rest of the season. The EPs promised there would be more answers in the second half of the season so I hope they keep their word.