Monday, March 31, 2008

Upcoming stuff...

I’m sending out an email to everyone today to let them all know about the neat-o things I’ve got cooking.

(I think I will try to single-handedly return the word “neat-o” to the American lexicon.)

First of all, it’s just ten short days until ALL ABOUT VEE is available in your local indie or Borders bookstore! If they don’t have it, or plan to have it, ask them for it! Make your voices heard and your opinions known!

And on that very same day, the LOVE, MEG paperback will be released so you have two opportunities to add to your C. Leigh Purtill collection.

Now, keep in mind two very important things: both of these books are trade paperback, that beautiful thicker-covered paperback, same size as a hardcover, but much, much cheaper and more easily portable.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and graduations and spring and summer birthdays coming up, you’ll need a copy or two for gifts, don’t you think? Well, if you’re in any of these following places, I will sign them for you!

--LA Times Festival of Books, Book Soup Booth #329, UCLA Westwood, CA on Sunday, April 27 at 2PM

--Chevalier’s Books, 126 N. Larchmont Boulevard, LA, CA on Saturday, May 10 from 2-4PM

--Borders Books, 1600 South East Road, Farmington, CT on Sunday, June 29 at 2PM

I’ve also got a whole bunch of awesome library, book club and school visits in April, May and June so there will be plenty of chances for us to catch up!