Friday, March 14, 2008

Someone explain to me...

...if that was a combination flashback and flash forward in LOST last night. Would they have done that? HH says yes, that they were deliberately confusing us by making us think Jin was on his way to see Sun have her baby and then find out he's actually dead in the future and this was him in the past. The hint being that he told a nurse he had only been married for two months.

If they did that, the flashback was a waste of film and served no purpose other than to mislead the viewer into thinking Jin was alive after the rescue.

If they did not do it that way, was it possible this was indeed a flash forward and we are looking at 2 alternate universes? Is that too complicated? Too much wishful thinking?

As for the spy on the boat, of course it had to be Michael. As many others have pointed out, Ben would not have simply let him leave the island with Walt without agreeing to sell his soul. Whether that's a good thing or not -being a spy, that is - we don't know yet. A promo for next week shows Sayid attacking Michael.

I'm glad Sun has her baby but darn it, I'm confused about Jin! Help me understand your world, Carlton and Damon!