Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Willow Likes Vee!

Well, now, who wouldn’t like Vee? I certainly do!

Yesterday Little Willow posted a beautiful review of ALL ABOUT VEE on her Bildungsroman website. Take a read here.

I love that she put the book on her new list, “But I DO Want to Be Famous!” This is a selection of terrific books about characters who seek fame and fortune in the arts. Vee is in great company: E. Lockhart’s “Dramarama,” Lola Douglas’ “Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet,” and my friend Liane Bonin’s FANTASTIC, “Celebrity Skin,” which I highly recommend to anyone who likes any of the other books on this list.

Little Willow previously created a list called, “But I Don’t Want to Be Famous,” which is another great collection of stories about characters who are pushed into the media spotlight and don’t necessarily want to be there. Rachel Cohn’s “Pop Princess” is on this list – a fave of mine.

As always happens with me, I will start looking around LW’s site and get distracted for an HOUR! And the list of new books I want/need/must read grows and grows and makes me think of even more books and then absolutely no work gets accomplished.

Thank you for the mention (and the distraction), Little Willow!

xoxo leigh