Friday, March 7, 2008

Juicy Television

Lately, Thursdays have been the best TV night ever. First we have the Idol results show, followed by LOST, and then Eli Stone, which is...not bad. I don't always watch the last show because sometimes HH and I are much too engrossed in discussions about the first two.

I was totally shocked America sent Danny home. I really think it should have been David Cook instead. (Luke was pretty much a given after that horrendous WHAM! cover.) The faux rocker did the Lionel Richie tune which made me think of numerous 80s movies, and not in a good way at all. I don't care that the judges called it daring or whatever. I cringed. And even though I wasn't much of a fan of Danny's "Tainted Love" I thought he was pretty interesting to have around as a contestant/cast member because come on, these people are all cast.

On the girls' side, Kady had to know she was going home last night based on the reaction she had to not going home last week. She is cute and talented but for some reason, she doesn't do anything with it. She's got charm and personality but this was her week to step up and show it off and she didn't. As for Asiah'h being sent packing, that was a shocker too. She will have a great career, though, you just know it. She's got a fantastic voice and she will land in front of a mic somewhere.

But question here...why didn't anyone sing Yaz? I would have paid money for that.

And then there was...LOST. Biggest unanswered question: to what lengths did Ben go to get Juliet on the island? Kill her ex-husband? Cure her sister of cancer? Devise a way to make all the pregnant women on the island die just so she can come study them? And why? Harper said she so obviously looked like someone. Who was it? Mother? The girl who gave him the doll? And of course, there was the presence of Harper herself in the middle of the jungle, suddenly there to give Juliet information about Faraday and Lewis and what they were doing. She could not have "have come from Ben" since Ben was in the basement of Locke's house. She said he was exactly where he wanted to be. Did she mean physically? Or just that he was with Locke and his crew instead of Jack's group?

And...did anyone else notice that there was only the tape in the safe when Locke looked but then when Ben walked over to it, he withdrew a red folder? There was NO red folder in the safe. It was a white safe and we would have noticed that. So how did Ben do that? Can he stop time, go do something and then start time again? Can the island read his thoughts and make them materialize?

I wish I knew Carlton Cuse personally so I could pull a Locke on him and MAKE him tell me what's happening.