Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your Top 12, America

I think what I like most about Idol is how your perception about people changes so much from audition through final performances. Some people you thought were totally gonna rock the house become skittish on stage and fold under the pressure. Some of them are one-note singers who can't handle different styles of music. And some blossom under the hot lights and applause.

And let me state the obvious...when Paula Abdul is telling you that she didn't "get" your perf, that is a VERY bad sign.

I thought Ramiele was a big winner when I first saw her and now, eh. Not so much. On the other hand, I was not a fan of David Cook and he totally won me over last night.

Michael Johns was also on my top 6 list until "Across the Universe" which HH liked but I hated. That is one of my very favorite Beatles songs and I just disliked his performance of it intensely. I think I just didn't like that he misinterpreted it so much. I'm sorry, Michael, I've loved everything up until now.

Some others fell flat last night and maybe this was just the music. The Beatles songs are deceptively simple and I think people think they can do things to them to make them better or more complicated but really they're foolproof if you sing them as written. It's like wearing a designer gown: it's definitely gonna improve your looks just by throwing it on over your head. David A, Syesha, Amanda, David H, and Kristy Lee....what did she do to "8 Days a Week"?

So tonight I think we'll see the bottom three are Kristy Lee, David H, and Ramiele.