Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which Vee Are You?

My new book features three new characters that I hope to be able to tell you more about in books to come. Whether that means in actual book form or as part of my website, I don’t know yet. We’ll see if enough people like the first book about them!

They are The Vees: three girls whose names all begin with V.

Veronica May: the actress. Statuesque and beautiful, with a gorgeous smile and violet eyes. She’s super friendly, open and sincere. She has a big heart and a bubbly personality and wants all of her friends to be happy. But she’s uncertain about things sometimes; she worries what others will think of her. With love and success, she will begin to overcome that.

Virginia Cooper: the writer. Cute, quiet, introspective. No one ever really knows what Ginny is thinking. She always has a pad and pen in her pocket, ready to capture the moment in words. She’s a middle child in a huge family and has often been overlooked. She has a fierce love for her friends and would protect them at all costs.

Valeria Maria Carmellita Padilla y Lopez: the model. A stunning Latina, former teen pageant queen. She loves flash – spangly clothes and spiky heels. All the guys notice Val; she can’t help it! Although she’s aware of her beauty, she doesn’t flaunt it with the Vees and in fact, she sometimes feels inferior to them, as if she’s not as smart as they are.

There used to be a fourth Vee, Vivian Reed, who moved to LA and changed her name to just Reed. She was once a close friend to all of them but now she’s become hugely competitive with Veronica, going so far as to sabotage her auditions and her relationship with the cute guy at the coffee shop. It takes Veronica a while to realize just how toxic her old friend has become.

Of all the Vees, I hope you’re not a Vivian Reed. {shudder}