Thursday, March 13, 2008


Again, I am proven wrong by Idol. I really thought I had Syesha pegged as a total diva during her auditions and the early rounds in Hollywood but I had her all wrong. She was gracious and humble when she learned she was in the bottom 3 last night: no tears, no whining, no pouty face. I don't think she thought she was going home, tho, so possibly that helped.

How Kristy managed to survive another round is truly beyond me. That song on Tuesday night was an abomination. Not that she's not a great singer (honestly, everyone at this stage of the game is a great singer and it's strictly a matter of song choice and presentation that makes or breaks them), but that was seriously a crime against the Beatles to sing "8 Days a Week" as a hoedown.

And what of David Hernandez? Rumor has it he has already been eyed for a recording contract with a major label so he has to know he's got a future beyond pizza. He does have a terrific voice - I've always admired that - but he needs...a makeover. Not for his appearance but for his image. Someone needs to do some damage control on his past - or somehow use it to his advantage. Depending on what the record producer sees him as, his somewhat unsavory past could be used to great effect.

Another week of Lennon/McCartney songs...I would have loved this until I saw what horrible things can be done to the beloved Beatles. Time to move on to Broadway or Reggae or whatever song style is next on the list.