Friday, March 28, 2008

Doc Doc Doc Goose

This week Netflix delivered 3 documentaries from our queue: "Confessions of a Superhero," "The End of Suburbia," and "Crazy Love." We've already watched the first 2, both of which I recommend.

"Superhero" tells the story of 4 of the people who play "characters" on Hollywood Boulevard near the Hollywood and Highland complex. They dress up as famous movie or television characters (in this case, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Hulk) and pose with tourists for pictures. They work on tips but are not allowed to solicit. They can only suggest to people that they tip them. On a good day, they might make as much as $150 bucks an hour; on a not-so-good day, maybe just one buck.

Of the 4 actors interviewed, Superman really stands out: a former meth addict, he claims to be the son of the late Sandy Dennis although her family members say they never knew this guy or even that she was pregnant. He is obsessed with Superman! His small apartment, which he shares with his now-wife (they were married during the film), is crammed with all things Super.

Wonder Woman was also a sweet girl from the south who wanted to be an actress. She came out here, got married to a guy she knew for 2 weeks, and dressed up as WW while she was trying to audition. She's a very pretty girl and I hope this movie gets her some notice for roles. She and her husband were breaking up at the end of the film but she seemed to take strength from that.

Batman, also married, had/has an anger problem and also seems to watch a LOT of movies. Much of his past appears to be appropriated from action movies, gangster films, and George Clooney, whom he sort of resembles. His own wife says she only believes 50 percent of what he says.

And then there's the Hulk, a guy who was homeless for 4 years but still managed to take auditions (reminded me of the Will Smith movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness"). He's getting roles now in small movies but best of all, he has his own apartment and seems to have a bright future.

HH was worried the movie would make him feel sad, that these actors would have really depressing stories but in truth, they are not so different from anyone else. They all seem to have love in their lives and the support of others and even if a couple might be slightly delusional, they aren't dragging anyone else down with them.

A definite recommend.