Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Chikezie

Again, the wrong person went home on Idol last night. Mister Chikezie has such a great voice, great personality and he really knows the right song choices for his style. He's a throwback to the days of Lionel Richie and Luther Vandross and you know what? There are millions of people who love that kind of R&B. I have no doubt that, once the tour is over, he will be making records.

As we heard Ryan say last night (and apparently he also mentioned this on Tuesday before David Cook sang) the "Billie Jean" arrangement was previously done by Chris Cornell. You may remember him best as the lead singer of Soundgarden which was a grunge band. I think he also writes movie soundtracks. Talented guy. I saw the clip of him singing the song on YouTube but I do think David Cook sounded better. Doesn't matter; just glad he was given credit (and why don't the judges mention that?).

Next week is country songs and we can pretty much guarantee that Kristy Lee, again, will not be going home. Country isn't for everyone - and I'll bet Chikezie would have done a great job with it. So who can't sing c&w? Carly? Aussie Michael? Can't you just see what David Cook will do with Garth Brooks? Perf!