Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Nines

This was a small, independently made film with a great cast: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy and Hope Davis. Each of them plays three different roles in the film, which was written and directed by John August, a big-time screenwriter better known for his work with Tim Burton. And watching this, you can see how he and Burton would have gotten along, although August is far more existential in his approach to his own material than he is with Burton’s.

The story, as best I can sum up, concerns a guy played by Reynolds, who is first an actor who goes crazy and ends up under house arrest where he meets McCarthy, a publicist, and Davis, a neighbor. Next he is a TV writer with a pilot and McCarthy plays herself while Davis is a TV executive helping Reynolds with his show. And third, he is the main character of the show he was writing, McCarthy is the character she was playing in the show he wrote, and Davis is a random hippie chick he meets in the woods.

I cannot adequately describe this movie except to say that all three storylines overlap and intertwine and you will recognize bits and pieces from each. It’s very well-written, expertly acted and directed, and leaves you feeling uplifted and inspired. I really enjoyed this movie; it’s one of the few I have seen recently that has stayed with me and made me think. HH and I disagreed on the ending but now that I have spent some time away from it, I think he was right.

The best of all possible worlds. You wish that someone would love you enough to make that happen for you.